TV & Studio Production

The IMAC Group Inc is a leader when it comes to the provision of security services in the TV/Movie filming industry. We provide professional security agents to secure and protect television and movie filming locations throughout the country. Our services are provided at the most affordable security rates in the market. You won’t find better value for TV/Film studio production security than The IMAC Group, Inc.

Our services are specially designed to secure your shooting location, protect your crew, cast, and equipment. We understand that each on-site location presents unique security challenges.

Thus, we customize our security plans, number of assigned agents, and post order duties according to your particular situation. This is done to enhance your productivity and minimize chances of interruption of the production, reduce vandalism and theft. All of our security officials are highly trained and equipped with sophisticated strategies to detect threats and to respond swiftly. Additionally, they are subjected to a labor intensive and critical background check during hiring process. All of our security professionals are registered and licensed. Thus, you can expect the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency from us.